Saturday, April 23, 2005

Artfest in Lancaster

This week has been quite a busy one on the art front in this ancient city. On Tuesday there was this opening of my own one-man show, Naturescape at the Ludus gallery, Wednesday saw an art/craft fair in a local church hall, then tonight there was the showcase exhibition at a local sixth form college which is enjoying its new-found art college status. Also this evening we were all at the launch of the last major exhibition at the Storey Arts Centre before the developers move in. There's mixed feelings about that. The Storey will be developed as a future Arts Centre, but will it be a more commercial venture? Up to now it has been an Arts Centre run by artists. We'll know in a couple of years...
Anyhow, the current exhibition is, appropriately, about buildings and architecture, featuring the work of six London artists and features a computer presentation of what the gallery/centre will look like when all is done. Find out more on .

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Crazy Cath said...

AND it was your wife's birthday on Monday! Honestly!