Friday, April 29, 2005

Its Bin a Full Day...

It all started with the phone ringing and invading my sleep. Well, the phone ringing interrupted a waking dream so my subconcious tried to accomodate it. "Hello," I said blearily. Sounds a bit Mills and Boon already but read on...... It was a fellow buddhist, Chris, calling to tell me I was OK for a lift up to the monastery at Throssel on Sunday. It will be Wesak, a celebration of the historic Buddha's birthday. I took the message and hung up then got up. Brenda, my wife is looking and feeling a lot better today. The last few days she's been in agony with and infected antrum sinus. The doctor put her on some antibiotics which she started last night and the improvement is noticable. Over breakfast we decided how to fill our respective day. Her plans involved shopping and visiting friends. I would spend the day at the studio. So Brenda got on the phone to a friend of hers while I started to put up some sandwiches for the day.
It was then that "things" started to happen.
Most of the fridge contents were covered in apple juice spilt from a carton lying on its side on the top shelf. Nothing for it but to clean the fridge. I started removing the claggy contents when to plated meals decided to leave of their own accord. The two plates fell edge on to the floor. They didn't break. They landed, one on each foot. I only had a pair of Birkenstok sandals on at the time. It hurt and my left foot was bleeding.
After giving myself a bit of first aid the fridge got cleaned as was the kitchen floor. At this point Brenda came back into the kitchen. I couldn't resist it, I had to say it, "Next time you want the fridge cleaning, you don't have to booby-trap it." I told her what happened. We both had a good laugh.
After that, I eventually got the sarnies put up and went to the studio.
There is a largish painting, about 4foot square, I've been working on for some time. It is of an area of Sitkas on a fellside. There's loads of trees. The foreground demanded a lot of detail. But today I got it finished and took a photo of it. I will post the image sometime later.
Now I'm here writing this at the end of a seemingly eventful day; and a satisfying one too.
Oh, to cap it all, the weather forecast was for rain and blustery showers so I took my mac and brolly just in case.... Guess what? The sun came out and its been glorious all day. The Law of Murphy lives on!

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Crazy Cath said...

Sounds just about right.
The law of Murphy does seem to have its affects on you, especially when it comes to the weather.