Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've Made a Start

Well, its late at night. I'm bleary eyed but at least I've gotten this blogsite going. Anybody out there to tell me if it works?
Tonight I held my private view for my latest exhibition of forest pictures. Seems to have gone down fairly well. Thew rest of the artists that make up the studio were very helpful as was Brenda, it goes without saying. She kept an eye on the bar, well, card table at the back of the gallery.


Dave Swain said...

welome to the blogosphere!!

Dave Swain said...

Looks good. Looking forward to seeing your exhibition when i come up for a visit. Ellie

Dave Swain said...

I see you managed to get ur pic in ur profile, i hope my advice was of some use, when im up next i can show upi how to edit ur side bar and anything else you want to do. Dave