Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Mate's Day in the City

My old climbing pal from the 1960s paid a visit to Lancaster. Currently he lives with his his wife in Dufton, midway between Penrith and Appleby. Its a quiet spot, Dufton, only noted for its Youth Hostel and the Stag Inn when you're walking the Pennine Way. Very rural. Mind you, so was I once, when I lived at a la'al spot called Halton-Lea Gate in Northumberland. (Where? you ask? its on OS grid NY653585. Yup! its that remote).
Anyway, my mate Bill came down to the [not so] big city for the day. We walked all around the place, along the Luneside, it was high tide then up to the park. The weather glorious. Two old codgers? You bet!

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