Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday Evening

Originally uploaded by Thole Man.

Its been another balmy day, to good to be indoors. More on site drawing but in the local park this time. I am often critical of our local council's failure to keep our streets clean and the continually increasing traffic congestion; but, I must give credit where its due. The parks have improved dramatically over the years. Time and money has been spent. Special areas have been coppiced and some left as a controlled wilderness and others laid out as beautiful formal garden.

About this picture. Its called "Evensong". Evensong is the evening service of the Church of England. When I was a ten year old right up to my voice "breaking" at 15 I was a chorister and in that period developed my love of church music. (Not the modern happy-clappy stuff I hasten to add!). The picture is of a sunset over the Northumberland Forest. It was paintede in the studio on a Wednesday afternoon with "Choral Evensong" playing on Radio 3. So now you know. It too is in the "Naturescape" exhibition, painted in acrylic on canvas. Its size is 24"x30".


Crazy Cath said...

Glad to see a Council dong something at last: or at least there being evidence of it :0)

BTW, nice photo dad!

Crazy Cath said...

PS The clock's all wrong on these posts y'know! How do you fix that? I says I posted at 1.27 pm and it was really 9.27 pm, exactly 8 hours out. Hmmmm.

Dave Swain said...

I have found something on flickr that may be of interest to you. Its a thing called zeitgeist, when you have uploaded a few pics to ur flickr account u can have it on ur blog, the best way to understand is to check out my my blog there u will see it in action. you can even link up with other flickr users in ur contacts and it will show theres too. I have 2 acounts with flickr, one in my name and the other in ellies, this is to double my upload ability but the zeitgeist shows the pics from both accounts, clever lil bugger i am!