Friday, May 06, 2005

Of Aliens and All That

This evening I took a train ride down to Kirkham, midway twixt Blackpool and Preston. The train's punctuality was as reliable as only British trains can be; consistently late. Consequently I missed my connection at Preston and a 45 minute journey took an hour and a half. I could go on......
Anyway, the purpose of this trip was to visit Liam, my eldest grandson.He is now 16 years old and very much into Giger's "Alien" and its by product, "Predator." He took great delight in demonstrating his computer game/X-box/Gameboy; AVP, Alien v Predator. Having seen the film with him we could share the fun.
On a more serious note we also looked at his future career options. He has some idea of what he would like to do but I think he is in something of a quandary. I know I was when I was 16. A long time ago I know, but I remember.. It is very difficult trying to make choices that are meant to determine a way of life when at that tender age one is none too sure what type of life one wants to lead. I don't envy him.
Anyway, after 2 hours of virtual mayhem and slaughter on the video screen where we saved planet Earth for another day, I made my farewells and returned to Lancaster.
The trains ran on time!!!

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