Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Pilgrimage in the Far East

Rev.Mugo is the Lay Ministry Chaplain of the OBC, (Order of Buddhist Contemplatives) and is currently on a pilgrimage visiting the sites relative to this branch of Soto Zen. She has just finished a comprehensive tour of the Japanese temples and tomorrow goes on to China.
Dogen (1200 - 1252 AD) was a Japanese Master who is the founder of the form of Zen we practice. He journeyed to China in search of a good teacher. He found one in the form of the Master of Tien T'ung Shan Temple which lies some hundred miles to the south of modern day Shanghai. His name was Ju-ching, known in Japanese as Tendo Nyojo. It was from here that Dogen returned to Japan some years later and established Eihei-ji temple. The tradition has continued down through the centuries to the present day. New temples sprung up around Japan and now in the 20# and 21# centuries we have temples here in the west, like Mount Shasta in the USA, (one of many), and Throssel in the UK which also has its daughter monasteries. If you want to see more of Rev. Mugo's travels, visit

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