Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Visit "Oh Sod It" Blogsite

Dave's entry for today, May 10, "A Bit Late but Very Funny" has a link which is well worth looking at. It had me laughing.

I tried the spell checker. Its useless, it only understands American. We like to colour things not color them. Our boats sail from harbours, not harbors. 'Part from that, things is fine.

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Dave Swain said...

thanks for the promo!! I see u havnt put a link for people to go to my blog ans so have assumed u havnt worked out how to do this yet it is a really useful thing to do and very simple. When you have written your post highlight the word you want to turn into a hyperlink, once highlighted clicj on the little icon that has a chain link (somwehere near the spell check button) You will then be prompted to typw in the web address for the link ie then click ok. You will then have a hyper link created and people can click on the word to take them to the site you are refering to in your post. happy blogging