Friday, May 06, 2005

What's That Number?

You may well ask. I suppose I should have mentioned it earlier. NY680947 is the grid reference number on Ordnance Survey maps. Many of the places I depict are remote and place names would be meaningles unless you happen to live in that particular neck of the woods. On the picture of a group of trees on the skyline, the grid ref. is that of the tree at the left hand edge, near the centre of the picture. It is an isolated spot some two miles or so NNE of Kielder village. Other examples are "Grid 1 [NY723712]" Scotch Coulthard is the nearest place, a farmstead some two miles off the left edge of the frame. Another is "Grid 2 [NY767993] which is slap in the middle of a lot of densly packed Sitkas and five miles from the nearest road, let alone a dwelling!
So, I find the Grid Ref is enough to locate it. After all, the pictures are about the wilderness experience.

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