Monday, June 20, 2005

Harrogate's Greatest Secret?

Some time back I was in Knaresborough and in my blog for the day was a bit disparaging about its neighbour, Harrogate. I still maintain that as a town centre it is not over inspiring but today I discovered the Town Green.
This is and area of mixed forest land which, so I have been told, had been under threat of development by the local council. However the good citizens of Harrogate united and ultimately uncovered an ancient bylaw which gave this area protection from such things. Consequently it is open to all and with totally free access. Oh, and by the way, residents have the right to allow their pigs to eat acorns there!
A group of us wandered through this small peice of forest land in the sultry heat of the hottest summer day so far this year. There's oak, ash, beech and scots pine, all growing randomly. No ordered planting. No evidence of timberwork of any sort, not even coppicing. Wonderful. There are a couple of brackish ponds with moorhens swimming around. Lots of grey squirrels. Well there would be, in broadleaf areas, wouldn't there? There is a newly restored footbridge and a couple of park benches. Otherwise it all looks quite natural.
A peaceful place. It was a good day. The only thing was, I hadn't brought my camera nor had I my sketchbook with me.

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Crazy Cath said...

That'll teach tha not to judge a book by it's cover! Next time, always take a sketch book. Thole man's slacking.... when I used to go on walks with him as a girl he ALWAYS had a sketch pad! Retirement eh? ;0)