Sunday, July 10, 2005


Early morning in my room at the Hostel. I sit on my zafu and face the wall. The silence is exquisite. I am alone. The hostellers have not yet risen. I become aware of the natural rhythm of my breathing and take care not to count the breaths as this will inhibit its natural cycle. As the scripture says,
"...even the slightest twitch will surely break the rhythm."
Later, after all the hostellers have gone and I have finished clearing up after them, I am alone in the forest. I am doing a detailed drawing of some tree debris on the forest floor. As I work I become aware of the very forest breathing as a huge living organism.
All life is interconnected. Meditating in a place like this only makes you acutely aware of it.
Its this interconnectedness of all things that is sound of the "Golden Bell that rings but once" that I referred to in an earlier Blog.
When body and mind are in harmony, one is in harmony with all things.

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Doris said...

Hi I am Aurelia - long time associate of Reverend Master Mugo. I will be in UK in August - travelling with my friend Doris; saw your comment on the moving mountain re the Hostel in Northumbria. Can you tell us more about how to navigate to this hostel? We can be reached at or