Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Forest's Secret Formula

The Border Forest at this timeof year is notorious for its voracious midges to say nothing of the clegs as well. The former aren't called flying piranhas for nothing. And the clegs? Barracuda at least. Between them they can reduce a man to a hand flapping maniac in minutes. You can use Autan, Jungle Formula, Skeeto, they all work; - for a while. You spray the stuff on and if you leave as much as one square centimetre of untreated skin, they getchya.
But here in Byrness the foresry workers have and unfailing formula....
Mix equal portions of Meths, Dettol and Baby Oil together and apply to the skin. OK you end up smelling like a cross between an operating theatre and a chip pan but by 'eck it works!!!!

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