Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bargoed Oaks

Those of you that have followed my art output may well be familiar with the Bargoed I-IV pictures of twisted oaks covered in moss. Its a strange sort of forest just to the north of Bargoed village (or is it a town?). Stunted or very slow growing oak trees line a hillside. There are two or three footpaths threading their way through it. Wildlife is absent. This is mainly due to the number of locals who walk their dogs through here.
The forest itself looks like the set for some gothic film, especially in mist and rain (which seems to be 90% of the time)
Anyway, here's an image from my sketchbook of yet another Bargoed oak. At the time, heavy grey clouds were gathering overhead and shortly afterwards a heavy downpour necessitated a hasty end to the drawing session. Typical Welsh weather really.

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