Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Studio Latest

I usually have two or three projects going on at the same time in my studio space. Right now is no exception.
Some time ago I completed two drawings and a painting, "Group" which have been shown on the Blog, and at the time I hinted there would be more "groups" to follow; but of different tree groups.
During my last visit to the Forest I identified several tree groups for future work and the first of these is on the large drawing board. At present it is little more tan a few marks on a large piece of 300 gram Fabriano 70 x 80 cms.
Another ongoing work is a "changes" series which was going to be a five part but now looks destined to be a triptych. Well, it happens. Especially in art. Things never seem to turn out the way they were planned. But that's the joy of it, its unpredictability. Logically this shouldn't happen. But it does.
I'll show more images when I get more of my work photographed.

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