Friday, September 30, 2005

After the Storm

Yaesterday was wind and rain. As the day progressed it got windier and rainier. A good day for staying indoors.
Today is a total contrast. The sun shone and it actually got warm in mid afternoon. I walked through a very boggy forest. The rains of yesterday had really enlivened the undergrowth of ferns and mosses on the forest floor. The sunlight filtering through the trees picked out the most brilliant emeral greens. Talking of colour, now the autmn has really set in the broadleaf trees are turning and the larches, the only conifer I know of that sheds its needles during winter (not counting Christmas Trees!) are starting to go a brilliant orange-red colour. Soon whole swathes of the forest will be golden. But I'll miss all that, I'll be in sunny Cyprus by then.
I've run off the last of my film today and I'll get it processed when I get back to Lancaster. Then we can have some new piccys on the Blog.

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