Thursday, September 22, 2005

Byrness Revisited

Well it will be next week. I'll be off doing another stint at the YH. And doing the odd foray into the forest. Of course its the start of autumn now and while most conifers stay green, the larches go golden brown. The birches along with other broadleaf trees will be turning too.
This time I'm going up by train and then bus. I have always been hesitant about getting there this way as I rather believed the cost would be prohibitive. Imagine my surprise when I find the cost of a return ticket is less than what is normally spent in petrol one way. Mind you, it is helped a bit being over that certain age so my tain and bus pass helps.
So those of my family who get coaxed into giving me a lift into what they consider the back of beyond heave a sigh of relief. (Only joking).
But this does mean that in future I'll be getting the train.
The piccy is a painting, about four feet square, acrylic on canvas of some of that forest on a hillside. This is one of those titled by a grid reference, it is NY678945.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "only joking" ?**%!!
If I'd only known.........(only joking!)
No. 1 daughter.

Norman said...

Wiv you its different. You LIKE it up there. Its your Mum who gets dragged up kicking and screaming.