Monday, September 26, 2005

Observing Little Changes

Took a walk into the forest yesterday under and uncertain sky. The trees themselves seemed to huddle together against the damp. Small patches of vague grey mist lay trapped under the canopy. Then with startling suddenness a shaft of watery sunlight pieces the gloom picking out the undergrowth. The wet bracken reflects an almost white light. Ferns and bay willow herb act as filter lenses sending out bright green light. In the foreground the Sitka trunks present a black silhouette to this backdrop. Then the sun is once again obscured by cloud. The shaft of sunlight fades and all reverts to monochrome once again.

Today I took a different sort of walk in intermittent showers to the top of Byrness Fell above the tree-line. A strong westerly wind had me sheltering behind the summit cairn. I could see the rolling green carpet of forest below me and in the middle, the pale blue of Catcleugh Resevoir. Kielder Resivoir lay in the next valley but one, out of sight. I lingered here a half hour or so watching the play of light as parts of the landscape was obscured by passing heavy showers. Cheviot played hide and seek with the rainstorms. All too soon it was time to return to the valley and open up the Hostel. No one booked in tonight though. I'll probably watch TV.

Got hold of a copy of the Hexham Courant. The Co-op store in my old village is under threat of closure. Seems to be the way of things these days. More and more rural ameneties closed down because they are uneconomic. Where will it all end I wonder?


Anonymous said...

I was talking to mum about this last night. She made a very good suggestion. Why don't about 15 or 20 of the regular villagers club together and buy it? It should go at rock bottom if the Co-op are wanting rid of it. The villagers could make their own co-operative. Then, put some money into making it into a shop cum truck stop cafe. It would be the only refreshment place (plus petrol if they had the money to install a pump) for the whole stretch from Alston to Brampton. They'd make a killing. Excellent idea. Now where's my lottery ticket....! Cath

Anonymous said...

A good idea Cath.

Do you think the folks up there would be up to the challenge?

If you can think of someone who would be prepared to voluntarily put all the work in to obtain the place, organise staffing and secure supply lines for the good of the village, why not drop them a line?