Monday, September 19, 2005

Sun, Sea, but no Sand

Just got back from a week in Tenerife. Very warm, hot in fact. Someone told me the temperature was in the 40s. I can quite believe it. Brenda and I stayed at a place in the south of the island. The area is made up of volcanic debris. It all looks rather arid and inhospitable, the more so as development of this area is far from complete. luxurious resorts stand incongruously in the middle of one huge building site. Still there is sunshine in abundance and the sea. The outlook is southwards and as these islands, the Canaries, lie off the west African coast just 1000 miles from the equator, the next landfall in a straight line would be Antarctica which is somewhat cooler. when at the seaside I have always been somewhere where the next country is not too far away. Like Norway opposite Nothumberland's coast, or Ireland from Morecambe or if on the Med, well nowhere's too far away. The sea is so vast.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it, you could have sketched thousands of basking topless humans....! Ugh! What a thought! Nice to see you back. Bring on the trees! Cath x

Norman said...

Basking topless humans eh? It did remind me a bit of seals sunning themselves on Lindisfarne. So if I want to see basking mammalia, then Lindi it is.You don't have to queue for hours to get on a plane for that, just don't get caught by the tide!
Byrness next week. Back to the trees.