Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NT 767072

That number is the grid ref for this little scene in Redesdale. It is an area of the forest made up primarily of larches. But the area in the foreground has been left to grow wild and not only is there new growth of the curvacious larch but a few stray spruces as well, both Norways and Sitkas. There's a lot of bracken around which is treacherous to walk through as it covers deep water filled holes and some serious bogs.
Not far from this spot there is a clearing with a perfect circle of larch trees around it. The ground within this circle is flat and bright green. It looks inviting until more closely examined. It isn't grass that covers this lush zone but a thin layer of sphagnum moss that hides a watery bog or mire. I poked this with my walking pole and a jet of water spurted out. You don't walk on this stuff. Beautiful but deadly.
There was evidence of trees having fallen into this space but have disappeared under the moss.

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