Saturday, November 26, 2005

Memories are made of This

Its not the great sights of Cyprus such as the Amphitheatre in Kourion or Aphrodite's Rock, great though these things are, that make the abiding memory of being here, its the simple things as shown here. This is the studio courtyard. The chair in the sun, the pomegranate tree growing in the background. The day spent sitting out here with the others, all of us making art or music as the sun circles overhead. the acommodation is primitive to say the least but the cameraderie is priceless. It is as it says on the tin; artists frrom all over the world come to Limassol Studios. The majority are Brits but we have artists from Russia, Bulgaria, USA, the Carribean, Germany, Greece and of course, Cyprus itself.

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Anonymous said...

These are the memories to many favourite places. This is what makes memories and that warm feeling as you return - the familiarity.

But we have to remember that none of it is real. This is what makes emigration less attractive without a major windfall.

Emigration means that these things become everyday, not wondered and marvelled at. We become complacent and what was once something to be grateful for becomes accepted and something unremarkable. Mix in with that the travelling back home to see loved ones or for weddings / funerals / christenings and it is not as cheap as first thought.

Naturally it is worth exploring, but it is also worth keeping the feeton the ground.

Not wanting to burst any bubbles here, but emigration HAS to be a joint venture unless the grief of separation is worth it, and it HAS to be something that is affordable and realistic, including those trips back home methinks the mother would want even if pater doesn't!

Yes we would all love to holiday out there with you, but that is all it would be - two weeks a year (if it can be afforded.

Definitely worth considering, but needs careful thought.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Looks gorgeous. Just like a few places we've stayed in Kassiopi. Spent many an hour sat under an orange or lemon tree just reading and watching the world go by. Especially in the late October, you know - when it gets a bit cooler. Only 15 or 20 degrees. Celsius. :0))