Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pine Needles

These are the things that cover the carpet at Christmas time as the tree dries out during the twelve day season. These same needles also fall to the forest floor with the passage of time. They are also the thing we come at close quarters to as we wander through the forest. Indeed if walking though densly packed trees you can get qite a smack in the face off them. Sitka is very springy.
Actually one way of telling the difference between a Norway spruce and a Sitka is by curling your hand round a branch to feel the needle ends. Sitkas sting slightly and Norways don't. Another way to tell is that Norways are green and sitkas, while green also, have a bluish tinge on the underside. Indeed, viewed side by side a sitka has definite blueness about it.
This A4 sized tinted drawing shows new growth: I drew it in May last year. The new growth is a bright green, almost yellow. This picture is in a frame 35 x 47cm.

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