Tuesday, June 27, 2006

End of the Show

This picture which is A1 size, (84 x 60 cm) is called "Fade". The title referring to the way the background fades in the mists trapped by the closely grouped trees. It is primarily a pencil drawing using pencils ranging from 2B to 6B. The tree in the centre was painted in watercolour prior to overdrawing. The whole composition aims to give a variable focus in much the same way as when confronted by a concentration of trees in real life. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to focus on. This picture did not feature in my recent exhibitions at Kielder and Jedburgh, I could not get it framed in time. I have another exhibition coming up in Lancaster in February. Perhaps I will show it then.
Brenda and I drove up to Jedburgh and dismantled the exhibition. Cramming 21 large pictures into a Toyota Corolla is an interesting execise to say the least. One of the works, "Chorale", is 44" square, that's 110 cms in French. It fit in the car but only just and that was by arranging it diagonally with the other work wedged above and beneath! The drive up north along the A7 from Carlisle through the Southern Uplands was a joy. The further north we got the sunnier it became. Grey overcast Lancaster was left far behind.The return journey was equally as pleasant. Teviotdale is a deep valley between steep mountains. This scenery would not be out of place further north in say, Skye, or Mull or anywhere in the Western Highlands. On the way back we made a detour into the Lakes to drop off a picture that had been sold during the two exhibitions, then it was on down the M6 to Lancaster. Ten o' clock at night it was before the pictures were unloaded back at Luneside Studios. The others at the studio informed me it had rained all day in Lancaster while we were away. Truly the gods had smiled on us.
But the show is over, for now. It has been a long day. Time for bed.

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