Wednesday, August 16, 2006

YHA Tintagel

I'm off south first thing tomorrow to warden the youth hostel at Tintagel for a week and another near Exeter for the second week. So postings will be conspicuous by their absence for a little while.
The weather forecast is for heavy rain, but thats nothing new for Devon and Cornwall, is it? Bit like my local Lake District I s'pose.
And the powers that be try to tell us there is a national water shortage. What water shortage?
Well yes, there is one in south east England, Kent and the London area but then again the cynic in me notices that if a thing affects London then that's the whole country; which of course it isn't.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A very High Tide

Went for a ride on my bicycle yesterday along the cycleway that goes along the River Lune estuary from Lancaster to Glasson Dock some 3 to 4 miles away. The tide was exceptionally high at 11.2 metres thats about 36 feet in English. Pretty deep. As can be seen from this picture much of the saltmarsh has flooded.

As I've mentioned in previous postings the tide moves really fast round here.As I made my way along St.Georges Quay to the studio the river was very low and high tide only a half hour away. But it reached high tide on time. From low water to 30 feet deep in half an hour. Hmmm!

Its been quite a cool August so far. 18 deg. Celsius being about average. Quite a chilly change from July when it was nearly double that.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Visiting Grandchildren

Cerian and Rhys. The two grand children from Wales. John from not so far away, Kirkham near Blackpool and Jessica from Birmingham. They are posing in the reeds at Leighton Moss.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Home Thoughts [from Home]

Pots and pans hanging from the rack in the kitchen at Thole Man's house in Lancaster. So what else has happened? Well, the Draughtsman is up and running and the feedback has been positive so far. The second wave of grandchildren have had a week with us and done much the same things as the first wave last week. They went horse riding with Brenda's friend, I took them birding at Leighton Moss, they went to the cinema and saw the latest movie "The Car" whatever that's about and in between times shattered the peace and tranquility of a staid elderly couple. (WHO!!!!????) Don't ask!
So what of these grandchildren? Well the eldest one (who didn't stay this time as he was off elsewhere) is a 17 year old who is growing up fast. His brother stayed with me and got to know something of my world for the first time. He is 8 years old and found I live in a different world to his. He lives in a town an his interests are strictly urban. He found a whole new world in my rural interests. Then there's my son's 8 year old daughter; loves ballet, fairy stories and an avid curiosity. She has a 2 year old brother who stayed at home in Birmingham. His turn will come in a couple of years or so. The Welsh contingent I have mentioned before. They were here last week. A five year old lad whose genuine delight at discovering new horizons is a pleasure to watch. His sister is 4 years old and proving something of a sibling rival. She, like her cousin is into fairy stories and her favourite colour seems to be pink.
Tomorrow their respective parents come and collect the little darlings and take them back home. Until next time.
I always look forward to their visits with trepidation but rather miss them after they've gone. Familiar story to most folks I s'pose.
On Sunday I'm off to Throssel for the Kwan-Yin (Avelokiteswara) ceremony.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A New Blogsite

I have stated a new blogsite, "The Draughtsman" in which I will feature finished drawings, sketches and some archive material from earlier sketchbooks. It will be a pure drawings gallery. It may feature other people's work from time to time which will of course be properly acknowledged where possible. I have made the first posting, a nude study.
Please take a look and feel free to comment.