Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Those Dark Satanic Mills

These "Satanic Mills" that Blake made famous in his anthem "Jerusalem" are rapidly disappearing from the Northern English landscape. They keep being pulled down to make way for so-called development. Our own premises at Luneside Studios is a classic example. That building too is schedueled to be demolished to make way for executive flats.
This one illustrated is the remaining shell of a long abandoned mill behind where Luneside Studios were. In its skeletal form it takes on the same look as a medieval ruin like Rievaulx or Fountains. I rather think though, that unlike our medieval ruins, these monuments to the Industrial Revolution will have all disappeared ere long.
However, all is not lost, a living example of this type of architecture can be found in Japan. Visit Iain's Blog and look up his entry for today.
Luneside Studios, although temporarily homeless apart from a temporary office in the Storey Building in Lancaster, is expected to move into new premises in the City centre fairly soon. I'll keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

Flickr gone craaaaaaaaazzzzzy again! Some piccies missing dad.
Cath x

Anonymous said...

Scrub that. Must be my t'internet. All there now. Nice piccy!