Friday, February 09, 2007

New Work - Sands

Normally I can complete these five-part paintings in a day or so. But this one.... took best part of a week! I must have put in over twenty hours on it. It wasn't the finicky detail, though that can be time consuming, it was catching the change of tone in each frame. But I got there in the end. This is the latest addition to the body of work for the upcoming show. If you click on the image you should get an enlarged picture. Take a look at the left hand (b&w) frame. You should be able to detect the underpainting necessary to get the black and white image to fuse in properly.
Its a zen thing really, this harmonious flow. We need to show that. All things change harmoniously, even abrupt ones. Look at the comment from yesterday re: Atlantic #6. That sudden wave arose from the pent up energy of the apparently calm sea.

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