Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Other Three "Atlantics"

"Atlantic #4" mixed media
"Atlantic #5" Mixed media, pencil and watercolour wash
"Atlantic #6" Mixed media, randomly applied blue watercolour wash,
soft graphite and black ink.

These are all [Atlantics #1 through #6] on Porthmeor Beach at St. Ives in Cornwall. The surf is very high at times. I have been told that surfers from all over the world visit this beach at certain times of the year. I bet its a lot colder than Bondi or Waikiki beaches. I have noticed the surfers usually wear wet suits instead of the baggy shorts that is the usual fashion. I did some on-site sketches but worked mainly from photographs for these images. A December gale is not conducive to leisurely drawing trips. The Eastern Mediterranean this is not!

"Atlantic #6" is particularly memorable. The sea had gone flat calm after a roiling session of repetitive breakers racing each other to the shore and crashing onto the beach at seemingly random intervals. Then it went flat calm for a few minutes before this huge wave rose out of the sea. It was bigger than all the others. It came rolling in, gathering momentum like a runaway train. Awesome.

The sea always commands respect, whether it is the mighty Atlantic or the Lune estuary in Morecambe Bay.

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