Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Roker Pier

Sunderland, the town of my birth. We attended the funeral of my wife's aunt who had passed away at the tender age of 89 after a very full life. After the funeral some of us took a walk along the sea front for some fresh air. With the wind blowing in of the sea we got plenty of it. A grey seas under a grey sky. Roker Pier and its lighthouse forming the northern half of Wearmouth Harbour. The town's shipping and shipbuilding past are long gone now but the granite pier stands as a defiant meorial to the town's former glory.
All very evocative and the walk along the the shore, a walk I have taken many times throughout my childhood and early teenage years, brought back memories of a time long gone. A lifetime ago. It was good to do, - it reminded me of who I once was.
But having done that, it is time to walk on. Return to Lancaster and pick up where I left off.

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