Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lancaster's Grisly Past

Just outside the park where the Ashton Memorial stands, at the top of East Road there is a large open space where you can enjoy this view of Lancaster City and the seaside town of Morecambe beyond. This open space is now a recreational area, "the Rec" as we cal it. Its a nice peaceful place. But it has a dark past. If you stand at the top end of the "Rec" and turn your back on the view above..... will see this monument to the Catholic Martyrs who were executed here at various times in our historic past. Elizabeth I referred to "that thorn in the side of England.... they call Lancaster." Lancaster has always been a Catholic stronghold and was certainly central to the "Pilgrimage of Grace", a monastic led uprising against the Suppression under Henry VIII for which those involved paid dearly. The Lancaster Castle site will tell you more.
The inscription reads
To the memory of those
Martyred for their faith in Lancaster
"Can you drink the chalice that I am about to drink?"
They said to Him, We can"

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