Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Drawing

Its only 27 cm square but it took some little time to complete, a whole week in fact.
This last week has seen clear skies but with a biting wind. Rather like the Wife in the North on her blog, guilt feelings crept in. This sunny weather, - shouldn't I be out there taking a walk or riding my bike? Well, no. The sun streaming through the window is deceptively warm but its cold outside. Besides I was very involved with this drawing project. It is also posted on The Draughtsman if you want to read a more technical description. Its of a stretch of shingly beach by the way. I worked from a photo taken a couple of years ago in Corfu.
Why should I feel guilty about not getting out into the fresh air? This drawing was very absorbing and in doing it I was content. Surely that is enough.
Last week (March 16) it was my birthday. I'm 67 now. As Anton Chekhov once wrote, "...once you pass sixty you can advertise your age and have people comment you don't look it." But in Uncle Vanya's case they could mean he looks much older!?! Ahem!
Been out today redeeming book tokens I was given and got two books. One about Picasso and the other a comprehensive manual on Greek Mythology. I'll probably post blogs about the ancient Greek gods and prattle on ad nauseam - sorry.
Brenda got me an Expresso coffee making set. Now I can indulge myself in some really serious coffee drinking. What with that and the Greek coffee and the brihkta I brought back from Cyprus I'll probably end up with more caffeine than blood in my veins. Moderation in all things, - eh?

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