Monday, March 05, 2007

Promise of Spring

"Winter's sky, - blue, - like ice;
The promise of Spring; -
A single daffodil."

Probably not the best haiku ever written but it came to mind as I looked at this daffodil blooming in my back yard garden or "yarden" as I sometimes call it. This second picture is of the same flower but viewed through the kitchen window. There are others in bloom in a pot in the background. It won't be long before the forsythia makes a blaze of yellow.

But these bright blue days where the sun starts to warm things up a bit despite the lazy wind that seems to prefer to go through you rather than round you are rather rare in Lancaster just now. Already things have changed and the rain and drizzle has once again re-asserted itself. But nice while it lasted.

In the next pot, three daffs making up a trio. Reminds me of the Triple Treasure, Buddha, Dharma and Sanga.

Spring is definitely in the air.

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