Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Something of a Rarity?

Barely two miles outside the City of Lancaster there is this very rural looking postbox. If you look closely you will see it is of some antquity bearing the "VR" monogramme. Victoria Regina! That makes it at least a hundred years old. Still in use too, as the modern collection times notice shows. It is not quite a perfectly preserved relic. If you look very closely you will see there has been some repair to the bottom right hand corner of it. What tales could this post box tell I wonder? It has carried not only the mails of two world wars but probably the Boer war and possible even the Crimean too. There's a story or two here for some budding writer.

This is the rural setting for this postbox. It lies a little off the main road from Lancaster to Garstang via Cockerham. If you really want to find it, I can give the OS reference.
A little haven of quiet just outside a bustling city.

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