Monday, April 30, 2007

In Memoriam

I went to the funeral today of a friend of mine, Hilda Birchall. She was a member of Luneside Studios, and ardent biker (of the motorised variety), and a member of Regia Anglorum in the days when I was there too. We actually kept up our ethnic Regia names between ourselves: whilst I was Wulfric (which will explain my flickr name) and she was Vigdis [the Bear] know affectionally as Viggi. I also got to know her in motorcycling circles when I rode a DR650. We were both involved with MAG at the time and did many club rides under their auspices. And at Luneside studios while we had the premises on St. Georges Quay in Lancaster her space was adjacent to mine.
Ours was an intermittent friendship. We kept cropping up in each other's lives in these and various places.
Sadly her demise was most untimely, - she would have celebrated her 60# birthday on Wednesday had she lived. She was killed outright in a motorcycle accident at Pilling in Lancashire while returning from a bike club outing.
Her funeral had a motorcycle cavalcade as a cortege and the service was attended by poeple from all that she was; artist, teacher, biker, "viking" not forgetting the Dracs.
She was very popular amongst all she came into contact with in the Lancaster area.

VALE Hilda.

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