Sunday, April 29, 2007

Morecambe Cyclefest

Morecambe is a seaside town some four miles west[ish] of Lancaster. Today the good burghers of our fair city held a festival of cycling. A mass ride was organised, leaving from the Lancaster Millenium Bridge and followed the cycle way to Morecambe. At the sea front several trade stands and other stands had been set up along with the inevitable heavy beat music. There was a beer tent as well although this picture shows us queueing up for something a little more healthy, - mixed fruit smoothies. The fruit mixer was power from very renewable energy sources. The customers were obliged to ride the static bicycle in the tent. This was connected to a generator!
This example, yes it IS a bicycle, not a motorbike sans engine, helped generate an atmosphere very reminiscent of motorbike shows I've been to in the past. This machine is not very practical. I corners abysmally but its got STYLE! I want one.
Dr Who reckons the Daleks are an unfriendly lot but this chappie, the one without the beard, is raising funds for the restoration of the Winter Gardens theatre complex in Morecambe. I had to pay the Dalek £1 for the privelege. All in a good cause.
Lancaster City is a "Celebrating Cycling" city and has an ever expanding network of cycleways both in and around the city, keeping us away from the motorised traffic. This particular event was to mark the opening of Morecambe prom to cycling by changing the bye-laws and making it now legal to ride your bike along it. The red ribbon was cut and along we all rode. Don't know how many but it took a good hour for the procession of bicycles to pass. Old bikes, very old bikes, museum pieces, modern bikes, mountain bikes, motorbike lookalikes, kiddy bikes, specialist trikes for disabled cyclists, - the lot.
Being in Morecambe gave me a chance to look at the improvements that have been done to the sea front. Its looking good.

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