Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Nice Cup of Tea

A lovely sunny day. Got out the bike and took a ride down the cycleway to nearby Glasson Dock, a small harbour village some four and a half miles south of Lancaster at the very mouth of the Lune. I used to take this trip (though not quite the same route) in my motorcycling days. I headed for the same tea caravan at the dockside.
It is as friendly a place as ever. It wasn't long before I had gotten into a conversation with someone. I thought he was a local. He had a pair of terriers with him. But no, he was an angler from Preston come to do a bit of fishing. We talked of this and that, nothing world shaking. He was about my age. We drank our mugs of tea, shared a gigantic chip butty and whiled away the sunny afternoon.
Two pensioners sitting in the sun.
Later we went our separate ways. I rode back into Lancaster.
It has been a good day.

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