Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So little time....

Not had much time for Blogging this last week. Nursing a wife with a broken right arm and her finding walking a painful procedure has kept me rather more occupied. We all gotta eat so someone has to do the shopping, cook the meals, etc. and all the other small household jobs which fall to me just now. Normally the houswork is shared between us. Being retired means I have both the time and the energy for that; in normal circumstances. But now I have to take a greater share for the time being. Not that I mind. It is just an example of doing what needs to be done. Art has had to take a bit of a back seat for now. By the end of the day I am rather tired.

But art isn't entirely abandoned. My wife tells me it is important I continue to draw and paint. As Luneside Studios is still waiting to move in to its new premises, I have to make art in the kitchen. That rather limits things to sketchbook work. It does give me a chance to be a bit more experimental, so along with the Sea Pictures, I am experimenting with some figurative work. Some examples are in The Draughtsman and others on my Flickr site. So all is not lost by any means. Its just my Blogging is a bit irregular for now.


Cath said...

Nowt wrong with sketches. I like your sketches. Takes me back to childhood and hillsides.
Just pace yourself dad. both of you.
Good piccy of skyline. xx

jane said...

Norman, I loved your leaf pic, so if you're chained to the kitchen sink at the moment, how about some sketches of the inside of red cabbage or peppers or something like that? I know it sounds a bit Art "A" level, but I bet your sketches would be far far more teacher than pupil!

Anyway, glad to hear the missus is home. Have visited your site via WITN to see how you're doing!

Best wishes.

Norman said...

Thanks for the support, Jane. Actually, my better half likes the way the meals are presented and has threatened to let me have the job, .... permanent. Oh dear!

Just joking, she tells me she wants her kitchen back at the earliest opportunity.