Thursday, May 10, 2007

Small Thing Seen

During the Welsh interlude I sat by a bridlepath drawing the patterns in some tree bark when I saw this leaf which had dried and somehow welded itself to the underlying stone. It made for a perfect composition. Such a simple statement. It was an object just crying out to be drawn.

This image, and ink drawing with some ultramarine wash added, is the result. I drew it into my pocket sketchbook. The image is therefore quite small at 15 cm square, about actual size really.

My poor wife is still in hospital, hopefully to be discharged home tomorrow. The memory of her bloodied image in A&E last Friday still haunts me. It is something we both could have done without. But she is on the mend now. Her arm had internal fixation done in theatre a couple of days ago.

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jane said...

Hey Norman,

Your leaf drawing is fantastic!