Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To Liverpool.... for a la'al bit.

My wife is getting stronger by the day. The plaster cast still limits what she can do, but she is becoming a bit less dependent on me, which is good to report. My daughter Cath is coming up to give me a couple of days break, (not my idea, by-the-way), so I've booked in to Liverpool Youth Hostel for a night and will take a look at a few art galleries. I did consider getting a cheap Virgin train ticket to London but decided against that. London is the place to see good art but the train journey is the only cheap bit about it. London sees us Northerners coming; its sooo expensive.
So Liverpool it is then. The Turner Prize show is on at Tate Liverpool this time, but not until October. But they are showing some contemporary work from China. There are other Galleries including ViewTwo as well as the more traditional Walker Gallery. This latter claims to be the "National Gallery of the North." We-e-ell, I'm not too sure how those in Manchester will take that. But I'll report back ere I return.

The drawing this time is of some shiny wet Lancastrian cobbles. Rather appropriate for an urban visit. This is a leaf from a sketchbook from way back in 2004, pencil and graphite drawing as usual.

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jane said...

Hi Norman,

I wondered if you'd ever thought of somehow using your sketches for silver jewellery design. I think your leaf sketch and the cobbles would translate fantastically into a variety of silver pieces such as bangles, necklaces, brooches etc.

Just a thought, hope you don't mind me mentioning it. As a keen jewellery wearer myself, I can just imagine what they'd look like!

Best wishes, have a good time in Liverpool.