Monday, June 25, 2007


Just to the east of Limassol in Cyprus stands the remains of an ancient temple to Aphrodite, - Amathus. It dates back to 800 BC or even earlier. The whole complex is large and excavation work is still ongoing. It is an interesting site with plenty of atmosphere. When I visited last October it was a lovely warm day, as most days are in Cyprus. I took the photo then settled down to do a drawing. By the time I had started, black clouds laced with continuous bolts of lightning started to roll in. The drawing was done at a rather less than liesurely pace! I only had time to note down the essential elments before the storm hit.
Eastern Mediterranean thunderstorms tend to take on biblical proportions. The thunderstorms we get here in England are quite genteel affairs by comparison. But one thing in the Cypriot storm's favour, - the rain is warm! In less than a minute tee shirt and shorts are literally soaked through. No need for a raincoat. The storm stops as abruptly as it started and the hot sun re-asserts itself. You dry out almost as quickly. Unlike England. Damp misery!
Ah well, I'll be back in Cyprus this October. Only not in Limassol this time but in Larnaca. The studios has moved.

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