Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back from Merseyside

The familiar view of Liverpool. The Liver Building with its famous bird topping off each of its' towers...

...and this is its more modern skyline. Cranes everywhere. Development work going on apace for the "European City of Culture, 2008". Will it all be ready for next year I wonder?
What I did find, or not find should I say, is the sites of many small galleries and studios have been swept aside to make way for all this. Abandoned industrial buildings that eveolved into artist's studios or small-time "underground" galleries have now become big holes in the ground with a crane parked in the middle. But to be fair to the powers that be, many of the displaced artists have moved to the Sefton Park area which is a bit out of town so I had to give it a miss anyway.
But I did get to visit the established galleries; the Walker, with its Aachen Altarpiece, the Tate Liverpool and a handful of other venues, more of which anon.

Of course I couldn't leave the Albert Dock without a picture of the masts and rigging of a square-rigged schooner that just happened to be there.

I stayed at the YHA Hostel near the Albert Dock for an overnight; it cost £20.00 for a bed and breakfast sharing a six bedded dormitory. One of the hostellers snored so loudly all night that none of us five others got much sleep. That's a down side of hostelling. Never mind, I slept well enough once I was back home in my own bed!

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lady macleod said...

Thank you for the tour and photographs. Sad bit about the artist, I am pleased to hear they have relocated and not disintegrated.

Nice blog.