Sunday, June 17, 2007

Countdown to Kielder...

Spent a large chunk of Friday in the studio storage space we have at the Storey Institute in Lancaster. Our time here is limited; the developers move in here soon. It seems to be be the lot of artists these days to be hounded by developers who want to make the old buildings we have utilised into luxury flats, or some such. We will be moving round the corner to what we hope will become more permanent address in the near future.
But I digress...
Some of my newer stuff which I would have preferred to show is so well crated up it is a bit inaccessible just now. But I have indentified some work previously unshown from last year. At least the exercise has now got things sorted out a bit. I will show forest pictures at Kielder, appropriately enough I suppose and concentrate on my sea pictures for the one man show at Merthyr Tydfil.
This year, others of Luneside Studios will be showing alongside me at Kielder. So I don't have to find quite so much stuff. I have identified some seven works, one of which Iis shown here. It is painted in acrylic on canvas and is called "Thorn". Well it is a thorn tree!


Anonymous said...

I love this sort of work you do. Trees. Trees. Trees!!!

(Can't remember my google sign in name and password hence anon!)

Cath x

Norman said...

OK Cath. I'll let you off. What about WITN?

Anonymous said...

Can't comment in there obviously as she doesn't accept anon. No matter, I still read. It's no good me getting another account when I can't remember sign ins. Story of my life. All this tech and needing passwords and stuff. It's ok if I can keep the ones I choose, but they always say "taken" and I have to choose another, consequently forget it for next time!
No matter. Still read.