Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its Jazz, Man...

Last night we had a double birthday celebration for two of our Studio members. We had an enjoyable social evening in "Crows Restuarant and Bar" on King Street in Lancaster. The local Artist tend to gravitate to here or alternatively the bar at the Dukes Theatre. So now you know.
But, we had a good night, talking about this and that and t'other.
Walking back through the town at 11-00, it wasn't quite yet dark. I fancied a bag of chips and got some then strolled back home passing various pubs and clubs with their doors flung open and the strains of live jazz pouring out into the night air. There's a lot of jazz played in Lancaster these days. Looks like we might become the New Orleans of England.... well, the North anyway.
With all this rain we're having, the high tide at St. George's Quay could get higher than usual and cause a bit of flooding which is another thing we could have in cvommon with New Orleans. Then again perhaps not.
Talking of flooding, Yorkshire and the Midlands have had more than their fair share of it. At Least with Lancaster, major flooding is impossible. Most of the city is on the side of a hill. But around the Lune estuary, thats a different story.

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