Friday, June 29, 2007

Kielder - Up and Running

General view of the Duchess gallery at Kielder Castle showing some of Iain Sloan's work in the foreground and two pieces by Emma Hunter adjacent the door.
Another general view. This time it is my painting, "Group" in the foreground and just beyond it, one of Neil Wilson's "Tarkus" series.
Four of Neil's paintings.

Two works by Nik Ingham, "Spray No.7" and "Spray No.8."
All these artists are part of Luneside Studios.
Three of piled the work into a car this morning and set off north to Kielder. It was a pleasant journey, both ways. The sun came out and we enjoyed the unfolding scenery which became increasingly wild once we'd left the A7 at Canonbie. My two companions had not been to this neck of the woods before so they looked on all with fresh eyes.
It was a busy four hours setting up the exhibition and by the end of it we were all fairly tired. I for one can give a sigh of relief now it is all up on the walls. I was the one charged with organising it. But all credit to the rest of the Studio, they all mucked in and helped. The stressful part is making the necessary phone calls only to find I was talking to an answering machine. And of course, later returned calls talking to my answering machine. It leaves that uneasy feeling, 'Is anything happening? Is it going to come together?'
Well yes, in the end, it all did. Phew!
Some of my musician friends say it reminds them of the build up to a concert performance. You rehearse here and there, things persistently go wrong, small snags magnify themselves out of all proportion and then come the performance, it all slots into place.
Yes, I can see the parallels.
Now I can focus my attention on the Merthyr Tydfil exhibition coming up in a month's time. I still have three new pieces to make for this show. But I won't be able to start until next midweek at the earliest; I'm off to Oxford tomorrow for a few days. I might get time to visit the Ashmolean on Monday but we'll wait and see. My wife tells me we have a fairly full programme seeing friends and family. So I'll report ere I return.

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