Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stirrings of Panic.

Funny how time has a habit of creeping up on you. Not so long ago there seemed to be loads of time to think about organising the next exhibition for July. Then this morning I woke up with the rising sun at five o' clock or thereabouts with the realisation that the hanging date for that show which is in Kielder is only three weeks away. There is a body of work I can use but recent events have prevented me from addrerssing these [art] problems. However, Brenda is getting stronger by the day and more independent; - right arm in plaster notwithstanding, so I am more free to return to matters artistic. Most of the work is in temporary storage, Luneside Studios are still waiting for the new premises to be got ready. Its all the paperwork that various agencies have that takes up all the time. The building has to be adapted for purpose and some repairs carried out, so it could be a while yet before we are up and running. Meanwhile, of course, exhibition deadlines and other commitments have to be met.

Today saw me out in the sun in the back yard of my house, fabricating gesso boards for more paintings. At least now I am getting down to doing something, and that gnawing anxiety that woke me in the small hours has subsided somewhat. I need to enlarge the current body of work, not so much for the Kielder show, but for the next one in August, in Merthyr Tydfyl. My seascape/beachscapes are proving popular so I need to paint replacements. A nice problem to have, I suppose. Much better than not selling anything. Not that I'm making a fortune out of it. It just about covers my expenses for my annual sojourn in Cyprus. In other words the art (almost) just about finances itself.

Tomorrow I shall get down to the storage facility and identify some stuff for Kielder. Once that's done it should take a load off my mind.

Life is not so simple though. The show hangs on June 29. Kielder is some hundred or so miles north of Lancaster in the heart of Northumberland's Border Forest park. Then first thing next day I have to get down to Oxford. A friend of mine is to be ordained as an Anglican priest at Christ Church Cathedral. Its all happening! Boredom is not the problem.

The picture with this posting is a triptych called "Beach #3". Three canvasses 20 cm square, done in acrylic. It will be on show at Kielder, if I can find it in the storeroom.


jane said...

Norman, I wish I lived nearer any of the venues for your exhibitions, I would love to go! I am so glad to hear your wife is definitely on the mend and also that you are getting back to normal. Going back to have another look at your beach pictures now!

Best wishes.

Norman said...

Thanks Jane. If you want to see more of my work, take a look at my Flickr site. Just click on the Artwork in Flickr link on my blog then click on the sets for a quick overview. There are three; "Cyprus Art", "The Sea" and "Figures".
I also run a more technical art blog, "The Draughtsman". Again just click on the link on this (Thole Man) blog.