Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sea Foam - Shallow Water

Lovely summer days just now in this North-western corner of England. 25ºC if you please, could have been Cyprus! Still its good to make art out in the sun, watching the shifting patterns of the sea foam where the water is shallowest as it comes over the beach. Where the water is calm, this pattern can remain for quite a while but just the smallest ripple can change it completely.
As the Zen scripture says, "even the slightest twitch will surely change the rhythm." You certainly get an example of it here.
It makes it frustratingly difficult to do a detailed drawing of this "from the life". Only a cursory sketch is possible. This is where the camera comes in handy to freeze that changing moment for more detailed study later. Small ripples are a bit of a rarity on the sea shore; its usually more of a convulsion from the dying surge of the last breaker.
This image is also posted on The Draughtsman and with a more technical commentary.

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