Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This one isn't (going to Kielder)

I was sorting through the work I'd identified for this exhibition and this one was going, until disaster struck. I unwrapped it so that I could fit a pair of D-rings to the back of the frame. But once the bubble wrap was removed I saw the glass was cracked from top to bottom. No time to put that right now... (a) no time and (b) no cash. Its the wrong end of the month. Anyway, for what its worth....
The picture is called "Progressions" and is a forerunner of the sea series such as the Atlantic pictures. each of these squares, like all the others, are 10 x 10 cm. That makes this work a tad under 60 cm x 42 cm. Drawn in varied media on 300gsm cartridge paper. The idea is to show changing apearance as one progresses along. In this case, walking along a Foresry Commission track. The bottom set show the same piece of forest but with varied interpretations.
The glass breaking may have been a blessing in disguise. I have thought about separating the two strips and mounting them as separate works each in their own 20 x 60 cm frame. But that's for another time.
The work was made in 2004.

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