Sunday, July 08, 2007

Its been a full week.

Got back from Oxford on Tuesday evening and straight in to a Studio meeting. We are still negotiating our new premises but we should be up and running by the end of August. But nobody's holding their breath. We were evicted under a compulsory purchase order just before I returned from Cyprus. I did [jokingly] say something about the move in will happen in time for my return from Cyprus this year. Many a true word said in jest as the old saying goes.
But it would be nice to have my space sorted before I go there.
The Studios in Cyprus have also changed; they have moved from Limassol some 60 km. to Larnaca. At least it'll be handy for the airport.

Last Wednesday, we at Luneside, visited the Pendle Heritage Centre at Barrowford near Colne, deep in the heart of East Lancashire. It was an event organised by the Lancashire Artists Network at which artists from studios as widely scattered as from Ormskirk near Liverpool to Melling in the Lune Valley and from Preston to high in the Ribble Valley. Each group gave a short presentation about their respective activities. This all coincided with an exhibition at the Centre of work by artists at Higherford Mill, also in Barrowford. We also had a conducted tour of the new studios at Higherford Mill. English Heritage along with other fund raising organisations have been, and still are, restoring this old building to its former glory. A by-product of all this is the providing of studio spaces for artists at reasonble rents. It just shows what can be done with a little bit of help.
A good evening was had by all, with artists from all over the region meeting up and a buffet laid on courtesy of the Arts Council.

After all that its down to business again. I need abody of work of 12 pieces for the Merthyr show. I have nine ready, - three more new pieces to make. And less than a fortnight to do it in.
Ah well, as we say in my homeland, "Heed doon an' bash on!"

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