Thursday, July 26, 2007

One of the "Sea Pictures"

"North Sea #2." I took the photo from which I made the painting on a cold windy day in January from a cliff top at Roker in Sunderland. That wind was blowing in all the way from arctic Norway and had no intention of going round me. Grey day, grey sky, grey sea. So the blue I used was definitely not the turquoise -blue of the Med or Cornwall. The cerulean and pthalo blues stayed in their tubes. I used Prussian Blue, a good Scandinavian colour. Take look at Edvard Munch to see what I mean.
Or, for that matter, Winslow Homer, a 19 th century American artist who spent some time in Tynemouth. The windblown skirts of the fishwives against the cold blue of the sea says it all.

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patsy said...

I really love the colours Norman, cold and icy, just the way I prefer the beach in winter, especially in Northumberland. Nothing like a good brisk walk with the dog, well wrapped up against the elements. Loathe the beach in the summer, feel obliged to have picnics and I hate sand in my sandwiches!