Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Rather Busy Time

This is me in my Studio space at St. George's Quay this time last year. The main part of today was taken up in painting the last piece for the Exhibition in Merthyr. My wife is going down to Bargoed this week-end and is taking the stuff for me. The Gallery hang the show to run from August 8. A fair bit of computer time has been taken up in preparing the catalogue and list, posters and statement. I thought it would be a good idea to have my statement in Welsh as well as English. My daughter in Bargoed offered to do a translation for me if I could e-mail a copy to her. No problem. I sent it a week or so ago only to learn it never got there. The hotmail postmaster said "delivery delayed". Turns out it was "delivery stopped". Problems with the server I was told.
After several more futile attempts I sent a copy the old fashioned way, in an envelope with a stamp. Then I had a brainwave. I use Flickr, right? And to access it I need a Yahoo account.
Right, try it. Guess what? Yup! It got through, albeit a bit eleventh hour-ish as it were. Still with a little bit of luck....

This evening we had a Studio meeting at our temporary office at the Storey. We are putting together a photographic exhibition about the Studio to show sometime in August at the Dukes Theatre Gallery. When I arrived at the meeting I learned we will have to move our stuff into the new studio space sometime in August. The developers are starting on the Storey on Sept 1. So we spent a bit of time working out allocations of who goeth where. Of course City Councils, as with all local government bodies run on the basis of right hand not knowing what left hand is doing. So.... dept. (A) asks us to move into our new premises. Dept. (B) tells us we can't because they haven't issued the licence to operate yet. So its down to us to tell dept.(B) to get their finger out and inform dept. (A) what's going on. We have had this saga going on since we were evicted from St. Georges works last November. Nobody's holding their breath.
We will move into the space A.S.A.P. but the upgrade work has yet to be done. That's where dept.(C) comes in.....
With a little bit of luck the studios should be operational per se by mid October. But I'll be in Larnaca by then. At least I'll return to a working studio in November.
I know my long-suffering wife can't wait. I've been using a corner of the kitchen as a makeshift studio these last few months. But the show must go on. Exhibition deadlines need to be met and I can't afford to turn work away.
Per ardua ad Artis - you could say.

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