Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The panic is over - for now...

Everything has now been moved from the Storey Building to our new Studios-to-be. There still remains the final bits of stuff to organisie so that the builders can work [relatively] unimpeded. Ironically the beaurocracy is working to our advantage by giving us a little breathing space before things start.
We can admire the view, for example. This is John o' Gaunt's Gateway opposite our new home. It is part of Lancaster Castle. The castle itself is huge. Its little wonder my Northumbrian ancestors made little impression on it during the Jacobite uprising of 1745. Where I come from, this gateway is bigger and more heavily fortified than our complete castles!
Lancaster Castle has been a prison for centuries and still is today. It is surprising just how many tourists flock here just to photograph it before visiting the public area at the rear of the castle where the High Courts are. Were this place to cease being a prison it could become a prominent tourist attraction as the North's version of the Tower of London. Its history is grim enough to warrant it. But more of that some other time.

Meanwhile, Luneside Studios are more concerned with more immediate matters. There's a fair bit of refurbishment to do, even to make it into a working space for artists. But it is already showing off its aesthetic charm: observe the plant life growing from the front door lintel.

But, like I say, we are having a breather. Some of our number are still holding down paid jobs. I am in the fortunate position of being retired from paid employment and though my pension will never have me filthy rich, I have lots of time, (on paper, anyway). A couple of our artists paid work is tied to the University's academic year so they have a little time to get things done. So while I had some free time, I took a walk in the local park up the hill from the city. It was built by Lord Ashton at the turn of the 19th - 20th century. There are little gazebos like this one dotted all over the place. I do not intend to run a blogging series on gazebos but a monk at Throssel is running a series of "Little Gems" and illustrating it with pictures of various sheds around the monastery. You can see them here.

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