Saturday, September 08, 2007

A "Pressing" Engagement

Got back from moving and arranging stuff at the new place yesterday afternoon absolutely exhausted. I told the others I would probably take the week-end off from things to get my proverbial breath back. "OK," they said, "see you on Monday then." That was yesterday....

Brringgg! brringg! went the phone. Sleepily I answer it. It is 9-00 am but I am still in bed. "Hi there Norman," comes a cheerful reply, "we're moving the press today."
"OK," I say, "just gimme a few minutes to push some brekky down my throat..." You get the picture.
That press is a seriously heavy piece of kit. It is a heavy duty one used for intaglio printing and needs a lot of muscle power just to move it. Now the new place is opposite John o' Gaunt's Gateway in Lancaster Castle. And Lancaster Castle sits on top of Castle Hill.
Well it would, - wouldn't it?
Only trouble is, the Storey Institute, where the press is, is at the bottom of Castle Hill. Anyway, to cut the long story short, with the aid of a hydraulic pallet truck, some planning and working out who-does-what plus appointing one of us to be the guy in charge, we made it without a hitch. But it did take four hours. Not so much to get it up the hill, that was the easy bit. It's the manouvering through several doorways with about a centimetre clearance that took the time.
That done we retired to the cafe in Sun Street and had several cups of tea from a bottomless teapot. We have all taken the rest of the week-end off now. There's some tidying up to do but it can keep till Monday.
The pictures show us with the press at the portico leading to the new studios-to-be.

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Swearing Mother said...

Hey Norman, I GOT IT!!

Sorry I had to gatecrash your post, I wanted you to be the first to know!